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At P. Nelson Roofing Ltd, we offer a wide range of roofing services, each designed to address specific needs and ensure the longevity and performance of your roof. With over three decades of experience, our dedicated team of professionals is well-versed in delivering top-quality craftsmanship and utilising only the finest materials. We understand that your roof plays a critical role in protecting your home, your memories and your loved ones. Explore our comprehensive roofing services and discover how we can enhance your roofing experience.


All Services

Flat Roofing: Our flat roofing solutions are ideal for modern properties, offering durability and weather resistance. We provide a seamless finish that can withstand the harshest elements, ensuring your property remains well-protected for years.

Felt Flat RoofsFelt flat roofs have a proven track record for reliability. We specialise in installing and repairing these roofs, ensuring they perform at their best and provide lasting protection.

EPDM Rubber Roofing: Embrace cutting-edge technology with EPDM rubber roofing. Its exceptional durability and resistance to UV rays make it a popular choice for homeowners looking for long-lasting performance.

Liquid Rubber Flat Roof: Our liquid rubber flat roofing solutions offer seamless waterproofing, eliminating the risk of leaks and ensuring your roof remains resilient and watertight.

Fibreglass Roofing: Fibreglass roofing combines sleek aesthetics with incredible strength. It's a smart choice for those seeking a durable, low-maintenance roofing option that stands the test of time.

Bitumen Flat Roofing​: Bitumen flat roofing is a reliable and cost-effective choice known for its durability. It provides excellent protection for your property, even in challenging weather conditions.

uPVC Fascias & Soffits​: Enhance your property's appearance and functionality with uPVC fascias and soffits. These stylish additions not only improve aesthetics but also play vital roles in roof construction.

Exterior Wall Painting​: Elevate your home's curb appeal with our exterior wall painting services. Our experts ensure a flawless finish that not only enhances aesthetics but also withstands the elements.

Guttering: Your rainwater system is crucial to your roof's performance. We offer efficient guttering solutions to ensure effective rainwater drainage and prevent water damage to your property.

Velux Windows: Transform your loft space with natural light using Velux windows. These skylights bring sunlight into even the darkest spaces, creating a brighter, more welcoming home.

Slate Roofs: Slate roofs combine timeless elegance with remarkable durability. They're an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a classic, long-lasting roofing option that adds a touch of sophistication to their property.

Tiled Roofs: Tiled roofs offer a versatile blend of style and strength. Available in various materials, they suit a wide range of architectural designs and are known for their durability and low maintenance.

Leadwork: Our skilled craftsmen specialise in lead roofing, providing expertly crafted and long-lasting leadwork for various roofing applications.

Chimney Repairs​: Safeguard your chimney's integrity with our professional chimney repair services. We address issues promptly to prevent further damage and ensure safe operation.

Roof Repairs: From minor repairs to comprehensive roof renovations, our specialised solutions ensure your roof remains in top condition, protecting your home and investment.

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Your Trusted Partners for Complete Roofing Solutions

At P. Nelson Roofing Ltd, we're dedicated to providing roofing solutions that not only protect your home but also enhance its value and aesthetics. Our commitment to quality materials, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Whether you need a new roof installation or minor repairs, we're here to make your roofing project a success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve your roofing needs. Your roof, our legacy.

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